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Dr. John A. Gianino
OTB co-founder

Since co-founding OTB in 1992, Dr. John A. Gianino has served us faithfully and guided us with caring, sensitivity, genuine honesty and tireless dedication. Serving as our original president, chairperson, registrar and countless other roles John has also been a tremendous source of support and friendship. Attending christenings, weddings and funerals he was always there for us when we needed his strength most.

John never viewed OTB solely as an amateur baseball league. His vision included the gift of fostering true friendship on and off the field in an atmosphere of competition and gentlemen’s rule of play. And his commitment to this mission was unwavering. It is said you only get out of it what you put into it and thanks to John’s leadership we enjoy playing in one of the most respected amateur baseball leagues anywhere.

John has decided to step away from OTB to spend more time with his family and while I am hopeful he will return to us someday. I know I speak for all of OTB when I say we will miss seeing him on the field on Sunday mornings. Please join me in thanking him for his leadership.

Chris Augeri, OTB President
Chris Augeri

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Tony Coppola, OTB White Sox
Tony Coppola
What can you say about a guy that literally gives you the shirt off of his back? You call him a team player, a leader, unselfish, and someone that everyone looks up to. When I joined OTB in 1994, I played on John’s team, the Pirates. I hadn't played baseball for over 2 decades but still wanted to wear number 25, but it was owned by John. I just casually mentioned to John that it used to be my number many years earlier and before I knew it, he took his jersey off to give to me. I was touched. I'll always remember the time many years ago that John helped my son Andrew during a very difficult time in Lowell. I know that Andrew will never forget it, either. We think of you often, John, and hope to see you on the field again some day. You and your wonderful wife Mary have touched the lives of many.

Tony Coppola

Buddy Burnsed, formerly of OTB Dodgers and Orioles
Buddy Burnsed
I remember when we first started, John, with the 4 teams and meeting every Sunday and trying to get more people and teams in to play, you were a big part in all of our lives and I am proud to have been there when we first got going. I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me, my wife and our kids, proud to know a great man like yourself, and am proud to see things are still going well for OTB. God bless you and all that are involved with OTB. And just so everyone knows this is Bud Burnsed - I played for 10 years and was apart of the undefeated Dodger team way back when. Proud, Proud.

God Bless

Julius Burnsed

Paul Gleason, formerly of OTB Giants
Paul Gleason
You meet many leaders in your life who get the job done. But you encounter few leaders who are inspirational. John Gianino is the latter. He taught us that we can excel on the ballfield and life while maintaining our humanity. What a great legacy. Good luck. I will continue to see you in the community.

Paul Gleason

John McCusker, formerly of OTB Red Sox
John McCusker
I remember quite clearly my first conversation with John when I had first learned of OTB and was getting information on how to get in. I had caught a few innings of a game the day before and kept referring to the players as "kids". I realized the mistake and tried to correct myself but John would have none of it. Even then he knew what this game meant to us. How you can't go back to your childhood but on a given Sunday you could get close. As a board member I was struck by the fact that whatever decisions John helped us to make, he always had the good of the league in the foremost of his thoughts. To be able, in the boardroom, to separate your allegiance from your team to the league will be his lasting gift to us. Because of his desire and dedication to us I was able to play ball with my older brother who I idolized - no small gift. On the personal side John was there at various times at St. Johns (later Saints Memorial) when family members had fallen ill - He comforted and prayed with us when my brother was in the emergency room after a construction site accident and most importantly the care and consideration he gave to my father who had been hospitalized multiple times before his passing in Aug 2004 - Before my dad died he told me of all the visits John made to his room during the day and they always seemed to end up talking baseball. The comfort he provided my family in my dad's final hours is something I have thought of often and will for the rest of my life hold dear. I am certain that this part of my story is not unique and that others have seen this side of this amazing man. For Mary, your support of John was as crucial to our league as any decision or rule we could have made. Thank you so much for sharing him with us, and my wish for you both is happiness.

To John and Mary - Thank you so much for all you have given us,

John McCusker

Fred Tenaglia Jr., formerly of OTB Pirates/Braves
Fred Tenaglia Jr.
John, what can we all say except I am forever grateful to your vision, leadership and friendship in helping to set this league up in 1993, and from there helping to keep it going with great conviction and diligence. As Gerry mentions, I fondly remember those pick up games back in Billerica and the early years with only 4 teams. We really got to know each other back then didn’t we! We loved the baseball but what we loved even more was making friends with you and many other great people. We saw our families grow up together on Sunday mornings. My children have fond memories of the games even when I had on of my patented "yard sales". We are very fortunate to have participated in such a wonderful league. I have been out for 3 seasons now and I must say I really miss playing. Say hello to Mary and your family. Wish you all the best in your "retirement" and God Bless. Fred N Tenaglia, Jr

Rich Brouillette, formerly of OTB Pirates
Rich Brouillette
John - Thank you for all that you have done for our league, the Pirates and for me. Your efforts to organize and sustain OTB have impacted hundreds of men since OTB’s founding in 1992. It has been a blessing for me to make your acquaintance (and your wonderful family) and I cherish our friendship. I will always be thankful for your support and counsel, not just regarding baseball, but real life issues as well. God Bless You! Rich Brouillette

Dick Daigle, OTB Dodgers
Dick Daigle
Long before OTB came along I knew John to be a warm and giving person. Many a game we watched with Gerry Ward at Campbell Field while our kids played senior league and thought how we wished we could play again. John brought up the idea of an over 30 league like in Boston. Naaah! I’m a 47 year old desk jockey looking forward to the lounge chair. They conned me and here it is 18 years later and I’m still playing - now with my two boys. How John put up with us whiners I don’t know; but not a disgruntled word was ever said. Nor did I ever hear a cross word from Mary who had to put up with us and John!!!!!! 2010 is here and John is not playing - an icon for sure. We all have our ups and downs but you could always count on a warm handshake and a hug and a "How Are You". From the days of the old Marshall Field on those chilly, dewy October mornings where 20 to 30 crazy older men wanted to play America’s Pastime to today’s 240 member, 16 team organized league, I would say: John, you created a winner! As time passes attrition sets in but new faces appear wanting to play this kid’s game. Of those 20 or 30 (60 during the first full year) I thought John would be the last man standing. As it is, only two remain. Yeah! I'm one of them but can you guess the other? Ask around or ask me, I might know!!!! John believes that a winner is not only the team on the long end of the score but the team that plays with integrity and sportsmanship. It takes a lifetime to understand what that really means. We all play to win but does that compare to the camaraderie, friendships made and just the physical ability to get out there and play, win or lose? Our oldest fan (in game attendance of course) will miss your greetings, John, when we play the Pirates. My oldest fan, Lorraine, and I say Godspeed in whatever your undertakings may be. You are OTB and you have touched many a player.

Mike Gilronan, formerly of OTB Phillies
Mike Gilronan
John, whether it was:
  • a Board meeting where you insisted that we take the extra time to be fair and ensure that all sides were heard on an issue,
  • a game where you were quick to share a kind word with any teammate or opponent, and were always mindful that we were grown men playing a game we’ve loved all our lives, or
  • outside of OTB, where you helped many of us be better men and helped our families deal with difficult times,
  • you were always a leader, a mensch, and a gentleman. Thanks for all that you’ve given OTB and those fortunate enough to call you friend. You and many others in OTB have given me a chance to re-acquaint myself with baseball, and I’ll forever be in your debt. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you and Mary at many OTB events. Don’t be a stranger!

Jim Lyons, OTB Red Sox
Jim Lyons
Hey John, our schedule shows we’ll be playing the Pirates soon; it will be strange not seeing you on the field. But, in recent times I’ve met you more often out of uniform: I’ve always been aware of your pastoral ministry, but I need to say thank you for sharing it with me and my family, lately. John, since its inception, I have seen the talent of players entering the league rise greatly. However, you wisely used your ability to attract and retain not only good athletes, but people of exemplary quality, ensuring that the vision you had for this league would be realized. You never viewed the playing of a game on a summer morning as an entity in itself, but instead as a vehicle to move all involved to a higher level of caring and mutual respect, within and outside the sport. Weaving competition with sportsmanship, you produced an organization that effuses passion and courtesy. In most leagues, my perspective of the opposition was playing against them; in OTB, it is more accurate to speak of playing with them.To any degree you should decide to include Over Thirty Baseball in your future, we would benefit. So, thanks John, for year in, year out providing an aging never-was the opportunity to run across diamonds on early Sunday mornings without feeling foolish. May you, Mary and all you hold dearly continue to be blessed. Jim Lyons

Joel Morehouse, OTB Twins
Joel Morehouse
John, Thank you so much for your leadership and guidance! Your vision and inspiration have created a dynamic legacy, not just in the lives of the individual players and their respective families, but also in the community as a whole. We are all better for it! Thanks also for your friendship. Peace! Joel

Tom Burgess, OTB Twins
Tom Burgess
John, Thank you for all of the time, effort, and hard work that you have put into OTB since its inception. Your mark has been forever left on this League and our hope is to keep OTB the same distinguished organization that you helped to build and foster. We are all hoping that the "Father" of OTB will return to us soon. Best wishes, TomB

Brian Cole, OTB Red Sox
Brian Cole
John, I’m not sure what to say other than Thank You! Thanks for creating a league that fosters team competitiveness, and a format that allows players of all abilities to take the field with their teams and enjoy the game! Thank you for working so hard month after month and year after year to help get the OTB to its current excellence! And Thank You for always being there for every single player...and their families that attend a game. My brother and mother from central Mass always commented first and foremost about you, and how you would take time to go into the stands and say hi to them and connect as only you can do. You’re something special. Hope to see you back on the field in uniform again soon, as you’re also an excellent ball player! All the best. //B

Mike Poitras, OTB Giants
Mike Poitras John, Thank You for all you have done, both on and off the field. You have inspired so many of us with your friendship, sportsmanship, leadership and Faith. You will be deeply missed on Sunday mornings, we all hope you will still come by and see us from time to time. Most of us would still be playing softball or nothing at all if it was not for you. Best of luck to you and your family, hope you at least come to the banquets and give us your yearly blessing. Your friend, Mike Poitras

Gerry Ward, formerly of OTB Pirates/Braves, and Yankees
Gerry Ward
John, we’ve known each other for many years, through church, our children and baseball. We used to travel to Billerica on Sunday mornings to play pick-up games with the guys who later would follow you into starting OTB. The league wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without your calm guiding hand. From the original 4 teams with that handful of players to the league today with the growth OTB experienced, you were the driving force. But through it all you always stressed what the league espoused; competition, fair play, and the opportunity whether someone was a super star or trying to play for the first time in their life, to play the game we all loved as children. You never strayed from that vision and the league never did because of the principles and values you brought to the table. We all owe our fun, memories and friendships to your vision and dedication. Thanks and Best of Luck for many years. Tell the family I said hi, Gerry Ward

Warren Feller, formerly of OTB Pirates
Warren Feller I would like to follow up on what Chris has stated in such accurate detail. I was fortunate to have played with John for 7 seasons on the Pirates. During this time I have looked at him not only as a teammate but as a sort of a big brother. His calming influence and encouraging leadership greatly enhanced me as a player and as a person. I will sorely miss seeing him and Mary on Sunday mornings. We wish him the best, nobody deserves it more. God bless, Warren Feller family

Don Bongiovi, formerly of OTB Orioles
Don Bongiovi John, thank you for all the hard work, the consummate leadership and friendship you’ve shown through all your years with OTB. Were it not for you, a league where a guy like me can play baseball would not exist. I hope to see you around and wish the best of luck to you, Mary and your family.

Brian Shea, OTB Indians
Brian Shea John, Thanks to you (and Mary) for your many years of hard work making the league what it is today. Your efforts created (at least) hundreds of happy and grateful OTB ballplayers - past players, current players, and many young men in their late twenties planning to sign-up when they become "qualified". Very much appreciated.

Steve Prutzer, formerly of OTB Cardinals
Steve Prutzer
John, you showed us how to be a leader, and be a gentleman. You did so by example, both doing and teaching at the same time. OTB has been a huge part of our lives, and it’s thrived due to the spirit, commitment, and foresight you’ve shown; virtues adopted by others in the League. Our Best Wishes go out to you, John, that you’ll benefit from the memories, and continue to have quality time on Sunday mornings. We’ll miss you greatly on the field; Sundays in right will certainly be quieter without John Gianino in uniform. Thank you so much.