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Lowell MA 
The Over Thirty Baseball League began in 1992 as a group of men who played pick-up games on Sunday mornings.
In 1993, it organized into 4 teams. Today, OTB consists of 15 teams and 225 players that play organized baseball
in the Lowell, Massachusetts area from April to October each year.

 Call for team pictures
OTB players, friends, families: We need your help! If your team does not have a team picture, please bring your digital cameras, smart phones, anything that can take a picture.

Please email pictures to:

Web Master email
New OTB Rain Delay Policy - and existing Rainout Policy:
OTB has a new Rain Delay policy for 2017 as part of Rule 5.7: In the event that either current field or forecasted weather status make the conditions for playing uncertain, the league will institute a Rain Delay. The league will be notified no later than 6:45 AM on the OTB website and the OTB Facebook page. Once invoked, game start times would be shifted to 9:45 AM. During the intervening time, both teams would be responsible to attempt to render the fields playable by both OTB and umpire standards. If by 8:15 AM all parties agree that fields are unplayable, the game shall be rained out. Both teams and the umpire crew should work together to determine field safety and playability. Once the ground rules have been reviewed, the responsibility rests solely with the umpires.
NOTE: If the OTB field committee determines that all games will be canceled early on Sunday morning, a notice will be posted here on the OTB home page as well as the OTB Facebook page by 6:45 AM. As of this time, our text message alert system is out of operation, so players should not depend on a text message for notification of any possible cancelation. Please check here by 6:45 AM on Sunday morning.
  OTB Hall of Fame: Check out the OTB Hall of Fame page and nomination form. Nomination forms must be submitted by August 31st.
  Playoffs: Check out the new 2017 playoff brackets.
Meetings: Board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Check out the board meeting page.
Rainout Notices: Players can call the OTB baseball line at 978-746-6232 and get notification of game cancelations by no later than 6:45 am on Sunday mornings.
New BBCOR bat rules: Check out the new 2017 revision to our rules, including the move away from BESR aluminum bats to BBCOR-only aluminum bats.
OTB uniforms: Check out our OTB uniform web page for new and returning players.
OTB Champions: Check out the entire history of OTB champions from 1993 - 2016.
OTB Team Timeline: Check out a timeline of OTB teams from 1993 - 2017.
Lowell Sun interview: Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
John Gianino: Check out our tribute page for John, co-founder of OTB.
OTB Creed: Check out the OTB Creed.
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