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Lowell MA 
The Over Thirty Baseball League began in 1992 as a group of men who played pick-up games on Sunday mornings.
In 1993, it organized into 4 teams. Today, OTB consists of 15 teams and 225 players that play organized baseball
in the Lowell, Massachusetts area from April to October each year.

2017-04-30 08:30:00 GMT-04:00
  until first pitch of OTB Opening Day!

  Field change for April 30th:
The Indians-Braves game has been moved to Leland Park, a new field in Woburn for OTB.

OTB Golf      2017 OTB Charity Golf Tournament 

Signup is now available for this year’s charity golf tournament!

  2017 NOTB registration Is now available for our Night League for new and returning players!

  New BBCOR bat rules: Check out the new 2017 revision to our rules, including the move away from BESR aluminum bats to BBCOR-only aluminum bats.
   2017 NOTB signup: Is now available for our Night League for new and returning players!
  OTB Alerts: Don’t get stuck out in the rain when games get canceled! Sign up for free alerts that will send a text message to your phone immediately for rainouts, field changes, and more. You can also remove your phone number from receiving OTB alerts.
Rainout Notices: In addition to our OTB Alerts, players can call the OTB baseball line at 978-746-6232 and get notification of game cancellations by no later than 6:45 am on Sunday mornings.
  OTB Golf Tournament: Sign up is now available for the 2017 Charity Golf Tournament that will be held on Monday, June 26th again this year at Four Oaks Country Club in Dracut!
  Sign Up: Is now available for the OTB waiting list.
OTB uniforms: Check out our OTB uniform web page for new and returning players.
Meetings: Board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Check out the board meeting page.
OTB Champions: Check out the entire history of OTB champions from 1993 - 2016.
OTB Team Timeline: Check out a timeline of OTB teams from 1993 - 2017.
Lowell Sun interview: Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
John Gianino: Check out our tribute page for John, co-founder of OTB.
OTB Creed: Check out the OTB Creed.
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