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2021 Regular Season and 2020 Playoff and Championship Videos
Kirby 2B misses HR by inches
Chad Kirby of the Cubs crushes a pitch by Justin Deflumeri off the top of the fence, just missing a home run.
Short throws out Deflumeri
Dave Short of the Cubs throws out Justin Deflumeri of the Mariners, 6-3 to George Hopkins.
Raffy makes great play at 3B
Rafael Richardson of the Cubs charges a slow grounder on the new Campbell rug to throw out the Mariners speedy Greg Kalivas.
Mark Kalivas doubles deep to the LCF alley
Mark Kalivas of the Mariners doubles off of Mike Belair of the Cubs in Opening Night action.
Belair Ks Wiggins
Mike Belair of the Cubs strikes out Dale Wiggins of the Mariners on some high cheese in the 1st inning.
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Mark Kalivas seals Mariner’s first-ever championship
Mark Kalivas tosses the third strike to close out the Mariners 10-7 victory in the 2020 NOTB Championship over the Brewers last October.
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