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2017 OTB Leaders

Batting Avg |  Home Runs |  RBI |  Runs |  Stolen Bases |  Doubles |  Triples |  Walks |  OBP |  SLG |  OPS
Wins |  ERA |  Strikeouts |  Innings |  Saves |  Pitching-Walks |  Team Offense |  Team Defense |  Team Home Runs


Minimum .400 Avg and 2 At Bats
American LeagueAvg

Batting-Homeruns  Back to top

Minimum 1 Homeruns
American LeagueHRs

Batting-RBI  Back to top

Minimum 2 RBI
American LeagueRBIs

Running-Runs Scored  Back to top

Minimum 2 Runs Scored
American LeagueRs

Running-SB  Back to top

Minimum 1 SB
American LeagueSBs

Batting-Doubles  Back to top

Minimum 1 Doubles
American League2Bs

Batting-Triples  Back to top

Minimum 1 Triples
American League3Bs

Batting-Walks  Back to top

Minimum 2 Walks
American LeagueBBs

Batting-On Base Percentage  Back to top

Minimum .500 OBP and 2 At Bats
American LeagueOBP

Batting-Slugging Percentage  Back to top

Minimum .600 SLG and 2 At Bats
American LeagueSLG

Batting-On Base Plus Slugging  Back to top

Minimum 1.1 OPS and 2 At Bats
American LeagueOPS


Minimum 1 Wins  Back to top
American LeagueWins

Pitching-Earned Run Average (ERA)  Back to top

Minimum 3 Innings Pitched, 5.00 or better ERA
American LeagueERAIP

Pitching-Strikeouts  Back to top

Top 10 pitchers in each league
American LeagueKsIP

Pitching-Innings  Back to top

Minimum 3 innings pitched
American LeagueIP

Pitching-Saves  Back to top

Minimum 1 Saves
American LeagueSaves

Pitching-Walks  Back to top

Minimum 3 innings pitched, Maximum 3 BBs per Game
American LeagueBBsIPWPG

Team Offense Leaders  Back to top

Top 3 teams with most runs scored in each league
American LeagueRuns

Team Defense Leaders  Back to top

Top 3 teams with fewest runs against in each league
American LeagueRuns

Team Home Run Leaders  Back to top

Minimum 1 Home Runs
American LeagueHRs

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