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OTB Archives: 2017 Athletics
 Manager: Lou CobuccioAssistant Manager: Chris Clark

2017 Athletics team picture
2017 OTB Athletics Team Picture
Back Row (L-R): Donnie Settlemoir, Mike Doherty, Paul Paquette, Joe Demore, Frankie Moscato, Joe Braga, Chris Clark

Front Row (L-R): Lou Cobuccio, Rich Caron, Jamie MacLauchlan, Ed Banks, Ryan Pearson

Too tired to get up: Brad Smith

Insets (L-R): Jon Nichols, Steve Silva

Athletics 2017 Team Roster

21Ed Banks 
43Steve Silva 
41Brad Smith
26Joe Braga 
3Rich Caron 
29Chris Clark 
8Mike Doherty 
51Jamie MacLauchlan
6Jon Nichols 
5Donnie Settlemoir 
17Lou Cobuccio 
25Joe Demore 
13Frankie Moscato 
1Paul Paquette 
79Ryan Pearson 

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