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2019 National League All Stars
 Manager: Rich Daigle

2019 National League All Stars team picture
2019 OTB National League All Stars
Back Row (L-R): Mike Sullivan, Bryan Bell, Chris Markuns, Keith Comeau,
Bill Schellbach, Jon Smithers, Chris Carl, Shawn Smith, Rich Daigle
Front Row (L-R): Matt Bucci, Andy Gagnon, Dan Lewis, Kevin Thompson,
Jason Nagle, Jack Nagle, Omar Hernandez, Nick Gladyszak

National League All Stars 2019 Team Roster

25Keith Comeau
2Andy Gagnon
22Jason Nagle
24Shawn Smith
14Matt Bucci
44Omar Hernandez
34Chris Markuns
13Bryan Bell
12Chris Carl
8Jack Nagle
45Jon Smithers
44Mike Sullivan
18Nick Gladyszak
15Dan Lewis
24Bill Schellbach
9Kevin Thompson

National League All Stars 2019 Season Schedule

October 6th@American League All StarsAlumniL 9-14 

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