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2019 American League All Stars
 Manager: Mike SheehanAssistant Manager: Lou CobuccioAssistant Manager: Ricardo Rosa

2019 American League All Stars team picture
2019 OTB American League All Stars
Back Row (L-R): Tim Brooks, Ian Davis, Brian Belair, Mike Belair, Chris Adams,
John O'Neill, Jack O'Neill, Mike Doherty, Jamie MacLauchlan, Mike Sheehan
Front Row (L-R): Izhar Falcon, David Fieldsend, Jay Clermont, Bill Brooks,
Jeff Richardson, Noel Hernandez, Jonathan Anglero, Lou Cobuccio, Ricky Rosa

American League All Stars 2019 Team Roster

4Bill Brooks
6Jay Clermont
8Mike Doherty
77Mike Sheehan
25Mike Belair
73Tim Brooks
9Chris Adams
8Jonathan Anglero
5Izhar Falcon
4David Fieldsend
3Noel Hernandez
12Jamie MacLauchlan
16Jack O'Neill
1Brian Belair
18Ian Davis
12John O'Neill
3Jeff Richardson

American League All Stars 2019 Season Schedule

October 6thNational League All StarsAlumniW 14-9 

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