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OTB Archives: 2013 Giants
 Manager: Domenic CaracoAssistant Manager: Steven Bernardini

2013 Giants team picture
2013 OTB Giants Team Picture
Back Row (L-R): Dave Correa, Dom Caraco, Jack Nagle, Chris Markuns, Scott Evans, Joe Desiato, Justin Seaman

Front Row (L-R): Brian Reimer, Jim Gaillardetz, Jason Nagle, Mike Poitras, Steve Bernardini, Dave Ierardi

Insets (L-R): Dave Short and Todd Surrette

Giants 2013 Team Roster

18Domenic Caraco
32Jim Gaillardetz
22Jason Nagle 
34Chris Markuns 
27Justin Seaman 
4Steven Bernardini
7Dave Correa
17Dave Ierardi 
8Jack Nagle 
42Brian Reimer 
24Dave Short 
21Todd Surrette 
13Joe Desiato
11Scott Evans 
3Mike Poitras

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