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Lowell, MA 

OTB Hall of Fame

Any member in good standing with OVER THIRTY BASEBALL can nominate an OTB player, manager or Board of Directors member for induction into the OVER THIRTY INC BASEBALL Hall of Fame.

Using the OTB Mission Statement (Creed) and following criteria are to be used as guidelines when nominating someone for Hall of Fame membership:

OTB Mission Statement (Creed)

"Over Thirty Baseball, Inc. (O.T.B., Inc.) was created to allow baseball players thirty years of age and over an opportunity to play the game they enjoyed playing as a youngster and for those who never had a chance to play the game. The goals of O.T.B., Inc. include fun, exercise, and meeting other ballplayers in a reasonably competitive atmosphere. It is expected that mature behavior must always prevail on and off the field. The responsibility of sustaining this ethic rests with the President, the Officers, the Board of Directors, managers, assistant managers, and each individual player."

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. An OTB player must have played in at least SEVEN (7) seasons and be a member in good standing with OTB. Exceptions will be considered based on illness or injury that prevented play in SEVEN (7) seasons.
  2. The player must have established a reputation for upholding the highest standards of sportsmanship, character, and integrity.
  3. The player must have had a significant impact on his team and or OTB as a whole.
  4. Non-players nominations (i.e. Executive Committee Member, Managers, Assistant Managers, etc.), who made significant contributions to the league’s success.
  5. Because OTB has no official scorers, a player’s statistical proficiency bears little relevance to his Hall of Fame eligibility.

Hall of Fame eligibility shall be based upon the person’s integrity, sportsmanship, character, service, and contribution to the team(s) on which the player played and not on what he may have done otherwise in baseball.

No automatic elections based on single game or single season performances shall be permitted.

Please pay close attention to, and be guided by, the criteria enumerated on the nomination form. As you will see, we are not necessarily looking to induct people with the greatest athletic talent, but rather people who have attained a broader range of influence on their team and on the league.

Please note that in order to ensure the fairest and fullest consideration of all nominees, all nominations must include the reasons you are nominating a particular league member, supporting facts/anecdotes to support your nomination and examples of how the nominee has specifically met the criteria in the categories of impact on team/league, sportsmanship and ability, that have intentionally been associated with this honor.

The nomination process ends at midnight on August 30th. All nomination forms must be received no later than August 30th. The forms may be given to team managers/assistant managers and can also be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page. Completed forms should be mailed to the OTB PO Box at:

Over Thirty Baseball
PO Box 215
Lowell, MA. 01854

PDF   OTB Hall of Fame Nomination Form