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The OTB Creed

  • We believe that the lives of individuals of all abilities should be enriched by their experience in OTB.
  • We believe that we can contribute to the development of OTB by promoting ethics, sportsmanship, honesty, safety and integrity.
  • We believe in fairness on and off the field of play, as characterized by equality, integrity and trust.
  • We believe in respect between players, coaches and officials.
  • We believe in coaching fairness reflective of the OTB philosophy.
  • We believe that all who participate in OTB should be responsible and accountable for their actions and decisions.
  • We believe in emphasizing and encouraging the involvement of those who place the principles of OTB ahead of their own personal interests.
  • We believe in respecting the game, our team and OTB, "a league of our own".