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2020 Orioles
 Manager: Ian DavisAssistant Manager: Mike Belair

2020 Orioles team picture
2019 OTB Champion Orioles Team Picture
Back Row (L-R): Brian Belair, Chris Bleau, Ian Davis, Vinny Cimmino,
Mark Wilson, Mike Belair, Rich Gottesman, Scott Sarian
Front Row (L-R): Andrew Pickering, Joda Glossner, Rob Guarino, Mike Garon, Tim Brooks, Chris Fantasia, David Fieldsend

Orioles 2020 Team Roster

21Vinny Cimmino
13Mike Garon
25Mike Belair
73Tim Brooks
23Chris Fantasia
10David Fieldsend
22Joda Glossner
55Rob Guarino
2Andrew Pickering
12Mark Wilson
1Brian Belair
24Chris Bleau
18Ian Davis
11Rich Gottesman

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