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From OTB co-founder John Gianino:

It is difficult to write and ask for assistance on behalf of my family, but at the same time I realize it is very important for my daughter, Mary Ellen, and the extraordinary amount of bills she and her husband have received and will continue to receive in the weeks and months ahead.

This appeal gives you an opportunity to at least know what is happening and how you can help if you so choose. The letter below will explain, in some detail, about our grandson, "Oakley Anthony". Since they live out of state, in NY City, their hospital/medical expenses are and will continue to be overwhelming. Please consider this request among the many you have and will continue to receive for worthy causes. It would also be most appreciative if you would pass this message along to anyone you feel might be prompted to help in some capacity.

No matter what you are able to do, please keep "Oakley" in your thoughts and prayers.

On behalf of Mary,


As many of you know, the youngest member of our family, Mary Ellen's 11-month-old son Oakley, was born last May with several heart defects, including a double outlet right ventricle where his aorta and the pulmonary arteries are coming out of the same right ventricle. He also has a significant hole between the right and left ventricles as well as an enlarged pulmonary artery. Shortly after birth, Oakley had his first heart surgery where a stent was put on his artery, which was a temporary fix to give more time for his heart to grow bigger and stronger. He has now outgrown this stent and just underwent a very successful second open heart corrective surgery on Friday, May 25, at Boston Children's Hospital (a few days shy of his 1st birthday on May 31) in order to reroute the arteries and patch the hole. After his surgery, he will have a period of time for recovery at the hospital.

It has been an emotional and trying time for Mary Ellen and her husband Shant, but they are doing their best to remain optimistic and praying for the best possible outcome.

In response to the outpour of concern from many family and friends asking "How can I help?" knowing the amount of surgical expenses from little Oakley's first surgery still piling up and the inevitable amount of bills that will continue to come in that are not covered by insurance, we wanted to provide you all with this path to direct your love and support.

We have created a GoFundMe site where you can contribute online to help reach our goal of $75,000:

For those of you wishing to donate offline, we have also set up a bank account where checks can be made out to "Oakley's Team" and sent to:

Matt Gianino
C/O Oakley's Team
127 Perkins Road
Madbury, NH 03823

In addition to your donation, we would love to offer you the opportunity to purchase "Oakley's Team" T-shirts to show your loving support in a fun and more visual way. If you are interested, please contact Johnny Gianino Jr. at 617-922-5292 or

Our family continues to be overwhelmed by all the love and support directed towards Oakley and his family over the past year and we ask that you please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Your contribution as a member of "Oakley's Team" will go a long way to ensure this very difficult health and financial situation has the best possible outcome.

Welcome to Oakley's Team!

With thankful hearts,

The Gianino Family