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Lowell MA 
The Over Thirty Baseball League began in 1992 as a group of men who played pick-up games on Sunday mornings.
In 1993, it organized into 4 teams. Today, OTB consists of 15 teams and 225 players that play organized baseball
in the Lowell, Massachusetts area from April to October each year.
2018 OTB Champion White Sox

Back Row (L-R): Co-MVP Tim Sullivan, Chris Adams, Chad Wilson, Erick Collazo, Joe Beitz, Tony Coppola, Co-MVP Jeff Allison

Middle Row (L-R): Mike McNally, Sam Descoteaux, Matt Dion, Noel Hernandez, Manager Gary Lacroix, Brian Turmenne
Front Row: Keith Deschene. Inset: George Flanders
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Championship: Congratulations to the White Sox for winning the 2018 OTB Championship by beating the Red Sox 13-6!
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