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2018 Twins
 Manager: Adam ScharffAssistant Manager: Joel Morehouse

2018 Twins team picture
2017 OTB Champion Twins Team Picture

L-R: Ethan Bloomberg, MVP Joel Morehouse, Dan Hickey, Tom Burgess, Jeff Cormier, Ryan Fitzmaurice,
Steven Consalvi, Paul Pustorino, Bobby Fitzmaurice, Stephen Alepa, manager Adam Scharff,
Paul MacGregor, Buddy Baribeault, Stephen Martin, Aneudy Tineo

Twins 2018 Team Roster

18Stephen Martin
17Joel Morehouse
21Tom Burgess
8Bobby Fitzmaurice
10Buddy Baribeault
22Ryan Fitzmaurice
3Dan Hickey
11Paul Pustorino
19Adam Scharff
4Stephen Alepa
15Ethan Bloomberg
6Steven Consalvi
7Jeff Cormier
27Aneudy Tineo

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