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Lowell MA 
The Over Thirty Baseball League began in 1992 as a group of men who played pick-up games on Sunday mornings.
In 1993, it organized into 4 teams. Today, OTB consists of 16 teams and 240 players that play organized baseball
in the Lowell, Massachusetts area from April to October each year.


RIP Bob Chateauneuf
1955 - 2015
To all members of Over 30 Baseball. I am very saddened to report that we have lost one of our brothers after a long battle with cancer. Bobby Chateauneuf embodied all of what we stand for in OTB and I will miss him greatly. On behalf of Over 30 Baseball I extend our love and prayers to Bobby C’s wife Karen, his son Michael, and his entire family.

OTB President Chris Augeri


  2015 OTB signup: Is still available for new and returning players!
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  Scorekeepers: Please remember to post game info within 72 hours of the game. This includes game highlights, player stats, umpire ratings and our very special Meisel Award vote. As a reminder, draft positions could be affected if teams are penalized for missing the 72 hour window. Thank you! Chris Augeri.
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Rainout Notices: In addition to our OTB Alerts, players can call the OTB baseball line at 978-746-6232 and get notification of game cancellations by no later than 6:45 am on Sunday mornings.
OTB Mobile page: Point your mobile web browser to mobile.otbinc.com. The OTB wireless site contains real-time scores, schedules and fields for the entire season. Give it a try!
OTB uniforms: Check out our OTB uniform web page for new and returning players.
Meetings: Board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Check out the board meeting page.
Lowell Sun interview: Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
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OTB Team Timeline: Check out a timeline of OTB teams from 1993 - 2014.
OTB Hall of Fame: Check out the OTB Hall of Fame page and nomination form.
Statistics: Did you know that the average batting average in OTB in 2014 was .343 and that the average ERA was 5.98?
John Gianino: Check out our tribute page for John, co-founder of OTB.
Ground Rules: Check out the ground rules for Shedd Park, Hadley Field, and GLTHS.
OTB Creed: Check out the OTB Creed.
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