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Lowell MA 
The Over Thirty Baseball League began in 1992 as a group of men who played pick-up games on Sunday mornings.
In 1993, it organized into 4 teams. Today, OTB consists of 16 teams and 240 players that play organized baseball
in the Lowell, Massachusetts area from April to October each year.
Howie Shepard Kevin Furtado Francisco Faria
1979-2014 1970-2014 1955-2014
  2015 OTB signup: Is now available for new and returning players!
Meetings: Board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. Check out the board meeting page.
Banquet: Thanks to all who made it to our annual banquet! Check out the banquet pages on our OTB Facebook page.
OTB Hall of Fame: Check out the OTB Hall of Fame page and nomination form.
2014 OTB Survey Results: Check out the results from the league-wide online survey!
Playoffs: Congratulations to this year’s OTB Champion Yankees! Check out the final 2014 Playoff Brackets.
OTB Mobile page: Point your mobile web browser to mobile.otbinc.com. The OTB wireless site contains real-time scores, schedules and fields for the entire season. Give it a try!
OTB Champions: Check out the entire history of OTB champions from 1993 - 2014.
OTB Team Timeline: Check out a timeline of OTB teams from 1993 - 2014.
All Star Game: Congratulations to the AL for their 11-9 win over the NL! Check out the All Star voting for this year’s game.
Statistics: Did you know that the average batting average in OTB in 2014 was .343 and that the average ERA was 5.98?
Lowell Sun interview: Check out the interview with OTB President Chris Augeri.
Francisco Faria: The Francisco Faria Memorial Fund has been set up to help cover educational expenses for the Faria children.
John Gianino: Check out our tribute page for John, co-founder of OTB.
OTB Creed: Check out the OTB Creed.
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